Weekend in Plitvice

Easily one of the most beautiful natural sights in Europe, Plitviče Lakes National Park (Plitvička Jezera) is made up of over 16 terraced lakes joined by spectacular waterfalls. Each lake has a distinctive and vivd, blue-green color due to the moss, algae, and travertine present in the water.

At 295 square kilometers, Plitviče is the largest of Croatia’s eight National parks. It is the oldest national park in Southeast Europe (declared as a national park in 1949) and one of the first natural sites designated as an UNESCO World Heritage site.

Plitviče Lakes National Park is a perfect weekend destination, or a great add-on to any trip to Croatia! We spent a few days in Plitviče during our road trip through Croatia and had a fabulous time.


A Few of My Favorite Things - beautiful sunset at the Punat Marina on Krk Island in Croatia

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And just like that, 2016 is half way over. Probably feels that way because these last two months have flown by. We have been traveling non-stop and there is no end in sight. After a nice (adult) weekend in Berlin, we had a quick 12-hour turnaround at home and left straightaway with the kids on a road trip through Croatia. A week sailing around the islands, then on to Plitviče Lakes, the Zadar region and Zagreb. Next up: Stockholm. It has been a whirlwind, but so worth it! Summer in Europe is my favorite!

A few more of my favorite things lately:


You don't have to avoid road trips altogether just because your kids are prone to motion sickness! Put together this easy DIY Car Sick Kit to be prepared the next time one of the kids gets car sick.Long car rides with kids can be challenging on the best of days. But if you have little ones who are prone to car sickness, it adds a whole new dimension to the mix.

Both of my girls are very prone to car sickness. My older daughter used to get sick on even a 15 minute car trip, so for a long time we avoided road trips like the plague. (It probably didn’t help that we were driving on the crazy winding roads of Honduras!)

After a few years of no road trips, we knew we couldn’t avoid the car forever. So we put together a DIY Car Sick Kit to keep in the car, and it has saved us too many times to count. (We actually call it the Barf Kit, but that didn’t seem like such a nice name, so I am now calling it the Car Sick Kit.)

They both still get sick occasionally, but the Car Sick Kit makes it possible for us to still go on, and even enjoy road trips.

This is what we include in our Car Sick Kit:


Weekend in Berlin

Berlin is the hip capital of Germany, with a very complicated history. Covered with colorful graffiti, filled with cool little shops and restaurants, and with enough museums to keep even the biggest history buff busy for days. I have always been intrigued by the story of the Berlin wall, so this has been at the top of my bucket list for ages. When my mom offered to watch the kids so that my husband and I could spend a weekend in Berlin, we jumped at the chance.


Make a custom google map for your next trip - complete with everything you want to see and do, restaurants to eat at, shops to visit, and more.

I have a pretty good routine going when it comes to planning trips. I try to balance getting all of the planning done quickly and easily, and making sure I don’t miss anything that I want to see.

My secret weapon for accomplishing this is Google MyMaps.

I create a custom travel map for each trip we go on, complete with hotels, restaurants, things we want to see and do, and more. It is completely organized and accessible on my laptop or on my iPhone, so I always have it with me. Having this custom maps makes it easy for me to gather my ideas in one place, make sure I don’t forget anything, and have the best trip possible.

I know there are a ton of apps out there to plan trips with, but I like the ease of Google MyMaps best.

Are you ready to make your first map?


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