Well, it’s official. We’re moving…again. And this time it’s to Vienna, Austria! 3 whole years in Europe! I have to pinch myself now and then to really believe it. We’ve actually known about this move for quite some time. But with the unpredictability of the Foreign Service I was reluctant to make any big announcements […]

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  • Alli - Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! Vienna is AMAZING! Exactly where I’d pick to live if I were going overseas. Congrats, and I’ll be living vicariously through you!ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Thanks Alli! So glad to hear you love it there. :)ReplyCancel

  • ashley - I am green with envy! Austria is amazing. We loved Salzburg so much we cancelled other parts of our trip to stay longer. Plus, you will be a short train ride or flight away to the rest of Europe.ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Ash – you guys should come visit us! :)ReplyCancel

  • Florence - Salzburg is a really beautiful town in Austria, it´s the Sound of Music town !
    I also visit a salt mine around there, it was very fun and especially with kids I think. And in Vienna, don’t miss the Manner shops and it´s delicious specialities.ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Thanks for the suggestions, Florence! We will definitely add those places to our must do list.ReplyCancel

  • DIY Gift Card Holder - […] I have been spending every spare moment researching anything and everything having to do with Austria, I have been racking up the points like […]ReplyCancel

  • Savannah - I lived in Vienna in college for a year- it’s perfection. It’s only a few hours from a million places and it’s full of wonderful itself. I loved catching $3 operas and the kunsthistorisches has Caravaggio’s David and Goliath which is fantastic. There are wonderful parks. Minoritenkirche is the most peaceful refuge in the middle of the city, and it has a fascinating history with Napoleon. The absolute best part of Vienna however is the Christmas markets. THE BEST PART. It’s the happiest this to ever happen!! You are going to have the best time ever.ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Thanks so much for the suggestions, Savannah! I can’t wait to check them all out. And yes, I have heard the Christmas Markets are pure magic.ReplyCancel

My little brother sports the most fantastic 70’s style mustache ever. Well, at least my daughter thinks it’s fantastic. She wants to be just like her uncle, which has caused a bit of a mustache obsession. So when it came time to think of a gift for him, of course she insisted on something with […]

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  • courtney - Great towel and perfect for your brother! Definitely think you need to include a picture of him with this post!ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Good idea! I may have to update this with a photo of his crazy ‘stache.ReplyCancel

Last summer, we signed Avery up for a “Big Sister Class” at the hospital. During the class, they took all of the kids on a tour of the hospital, explained where the babies would be born, and showed them the rooms where the moms and dads would sleep. After we got home, Avery told me that we […]

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I saw this sweet Bunny Tee the other day and knew I had to make my own version for my babe to wear this Easter. Especially since the heart onesie is still worn regularly. As usual, I needed to work with only things that I already had in the house, so the materials needed for this one […]

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  • Marilyn - What a cute idea! Now I just need one of my friends to have a baby so I have someone to make this for!ReplyCancel

  • Lori - Kaley! She is sooooooo cute, and growing up quick! Great images & post!! xoxoReplyCancel

For all of you who have babies in the house…do you ever wonder how something so small can make such huge messes? Me too. Thankfully I am really good at cleaning. Like so good that there was a time in my life that I considered being a cleaning lady. And, as it turns out, that […]

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  • Kellie - My favorite cleaning tip is to hire a cleaning lady! hahaha!ReplyCancel