A Weekend in Zagreb

Zagreb, the capital and largest city in Croatia, has played an important role in the history of Croatia since the middle ages. Originally two different (and often battling) cities on neighboring hills, the secular Gradec (now known as the Upper Town) and the ecclesiastical Kaptol finally united in 1851 to form the unified city of Zagreb.

Unfortunately, most travelers skip right over Zagreb. Instead, they head straight for the Dalmatian Coast, the Istrian Peninsula, or Plitviče Lakes National Park. Zagreb is usually seen as a place to fly into or travel through, but not a destination in its own right.

Although we first talked of visiting Zagreb as a convenient stopping point between Zadar and Vienna, we were pleasantly surprised with just how wonderful Zagreb is. It is actually the kind of city I could see myself living in. Not super touristy, plenty of fun restaurants and cafes, beautiful parks and green spaces, super affordable and a really cool vibe. Not to mention the perfect central location to travel all over Croatia! Yes, I could definitely live there.


The very best sources of travel inspiration to help you plan your next trip!The world is a big place, and if you are anything like me, you want to see all of it. But where to start exactly?

Sometimes just deciding where to go is the hardest part!

Since blindly pointing to a place on the globe isn’t the best way to choose a travel destination, I have gathered up my very favorite sources of travel inspiration, to help you plan your next trip.


Landsort, Sweden, and a few of my favorite things

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Happy Friday!

I hope your summer is wonderful so far. Filled with plenty of sunshine and amazing travels. I am just coming off of almost 6 weeks of back-to-back trips, and am really happy to be home. Now it is time to enjoy the rest of the summer in Vienna, at the pool, the river and my favorite heurigen. And of course try to catch up with everything around here. First on my list is to get all of my photos edited and uploaded to share with you soon!

But in the meantime, a few of my favorite things lately:

Have a wonderful weekend!!

A great itinerary for 9 days sailing through the islands in Northern Croatia - including stops on Krk, Cres and Rab islands!

Croatia is made up of over 1,185 islands. Only 48 of these islands are inhabited, and some seem more like large rocks than actual islands. The landscape of these islands varies widely, from white rocky shorelines to heavy woods filled with fir trees. The islands of Croatia are all so unique, and so very gorgeous, but many are challenging to get to. The best way to explore these islands is by boat.

We were so fortunate that my cousins graciously hosted us on their beautiful sailboat last month. We had the most amazing time sailing with them through the islands of Northern Croatia.

Sailing Through Northern CroatiaSailing Through Northern Croatia

Here’s a little look at our adventure sailing through the islands of Northern Croatia.


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