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Miracle Healing Balm

A few years ago I fell in love with some Calendula salve that I picked up at our local farmer’s market. Once itView full post »

A Rainbow of Fruits & Vegetables

For the most part, my kids are good eaters. But there are those days. The days when their desired meal consists ofView full post »

A San Francisco Birthday Party

A few weeks before leaving San Francisco, we celebrated our sweet oldest’s 5th birthday. The inspiration for theView full post »

Completely Natural Easter Eggs

I’ve claimed to have made natural Easter eggs before. Every year, we try out different vegetables and herbs toView full post »

The Best Doctor’s Kits for the Aspiring Doctors

Before putting together our DIY Doctor Kit, I spent a bit of time looking to see what was available. And I wasView full post »

DIY Doctor’s Kit & Costume

A Halloween costume that gets played with daily for over a year is definitely a success in my book! These photos areView full post »

A Year of Mini Notebooks

Happy New Year! I know a lot of people started back after the holidays on Monday, but here in Austria, the holidaysView full post »

Mini Notebooks 12 | December

And here we are at the end. I am so excited to show you the whole collection. But first, the last mini notebook in theView full post »

Mini Notebooks 11 | November

Month 11 of the year of mini notebooks project. November. In honor of simplicity and thankfulness. Do not spoil whatView full post »

Simple Halloween Garland

In the usual fashion, I am doing some super last-minute decorating for Halloween. (hey, 4 days ahead isn’t tooView full post »

Mini Notebooks 10 | October

Month 10 of the year of mini notebooks project. October. In honor of Halloween. Yes, Halloween excites me. That wholeView full post »

DIY Hula Skirt & an Easy Luau Party

Little girls in grass skirts are just about the cutest thing ever. Babies in grass skirts – even cuter! LastView full post »

Maternity Must Haves

I wrote this post exactly one year ago today, the day before I gave birth to my youngest. Things were a littleView full post »

Mini Notebooks 09 | September

Month 9 of the year of mini notebooks project. September. In honor of back to school and my baby startingView full post »

Mini Notebooks 08 | August

Month 8 of the year of mini notebooks project. August. In honor of summer. Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drinkView full post »

Weekend Links

Why hello there! What a week (or three!) it has been. Planning and purging and organizing and packing…I’mView full post »

Mini Notebooks 07 | July

Month 7 of the year of mini notebooks project. July. In honor of the good old U.S. of A. America…it is the only placeView full post »

DIY Sparklers

I love love love summer. Hot days, bare feet, beaches, BBQs… I love it all. We have been in the midst of foggyView full post »

Calming Lavender Playdough

Avery is a really calm, laid back kid. But even she gets a little stir crazy and wild if she is cooped up in the houseView full post »

Loving & Linking

LOVING Last minute party planning for a sweet almost 5 year old. A San Francisco theme, of course, since her birthdayView full post »

Loving & Linking

LOVING These two. And their sweet relationship. I have to admit that I really hit the jackpot. The way myView full post »