Aaaaand…it’s February. I guess I should start with some sort of apology or explanation or something to account for the radio silence over here. But since most of you have little ones, I think it goes without saying. I had planned to share so many photos of our sweet girl, but those images are sitting on […]

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  • jenny - you are not alone :) and i must say… i prefer “real” to picture perfect any day… picture perfect can have a way of making you “the reader” feel bad about yourself… and like you said… reading where someone shares something real makes you feel that you’re not alone :) … and kissing baby toes is exactly where you should be anyway!


  • jenny - and i must say…. summer is february sounds fabulous!ReplyCancel

Month 2 of the year of mini notebooks project. February. In honor of love. Where there is great love, there are always miracles. Willa Cather You will need: a plain mini notebook a small piece of white card stock pink or red watercolor a paintbrush glue (not shown) Directions: Cut the piece of card stock slightly smaller than […]

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A while ago I told you about our treasure box, where we keep all sorts of odds and ends that are just too full of potential to throw away. Well, apparently I have been having some hoarding tendencies because that treasure box had gotten pretty out of control lately, overflowing with treasures. Something had to be […]

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Remember these DIY mini notebooks? Well, I had a few of the plain ones left over and they had been calling my names for months. So my year of mini notebooks project was born. A monthly challenge to turn one of them into something new. The only parameter being that I can only use things that […]

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Remember these cloth napkins? Well I am so excited that Apartment Therapy chose to feature them in their Homemade Holiday Gift Idea Exchange! I try to give handmade gifts as much as I can, (though it may not be possible this year with a newborn in my arms!) and there are a bunch of really […]

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  • Rachael - Hi there,

    I really love your blog, which I found via Apartment Therapy, following the link to the napkins. I’ve been to my local Ikea, and have 2 packs of the tea towels – ready to get stuck in. They were only $4.99AUD for the pack of 4 – a great deal!

    Can’t wait to have some more time to browse the rest of your pages.

    Kind regards,
    Rachael, in Melbourne.ReplyCancel