Valentines Pencils

DIY Valentines Pencils

It is almost Valentine’s Day…are you ready? I am usually scrambling to get things done at 11pm the night before, but this year we actually finished a full 5 days before Valentine’s Day! If these sweet little Valentines look familiar, it is because they are basically the same as last year’s Valentines Bubbles, just a different shape.

heart pencils from Target

We started with these cute colorful pencils from Target. They came in packs of 8 for just 1 dollar, making this a super inexpensive project.

Valentines Pencils

I am not sure what it is about pencils, but my four year old is obsessed with them. I think it makes her feel more grown up to use a pencil to write with rather than crayons, or maybe it is just that she enjoys sharpening them so much. Whatever the reason, she loves having a ton of pencils ready to write with, so it was an obvious choice for this year’s Valentines for her preschool friends.

DIY Heart Pencils

As always, this was such a simple project. I printed the little strips on label paper, then cut them out and stuck them on the pencils. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, as she would say.

Easy DIY Valentines Pencils

Now, in all fairness, I had to show you what her Valentines actually look like. I am a perfectionist and love beautiful images as much as anyone. But I also love promoting my daughter’s creativity and encouraging her to make handmade gifts for her friends. So while I was putting a few of these together, she was doing the majority of them. And these are the ones that she will be handing out to her friends on Friday. Aren’t they perfect? She was so proud of how they turned out!

a 4 year old's DIY Valentines

So while you are browsing Pinterest, looking at all of the beautiful images, keep in mind that they were probably not made by a 4 year old. But don’t let that discourage you from letting your kids make their own Valentines – even if they don’t turn out Pinterest worthy. I love hers so much more than mine – they are so perfectly her. And if you want – you can always do a few yourself, like I did, so you get the best of both worlds.

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