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My 2015 New Year’s Resolution was to read more fiction books. Prior to that, I had been reading nothing but non-fiction parenting and other such books, and really wanted to start reading for pleasure again. And unlike 99% of my other resolutions that I make each year, I actually kept this one. Since January, 2015,…

On My Bookshelf this month:

I missed December, so I have a lot of books On My Bookshelf this month.

On My Bookshelf this month: God Help the Child  |  This is Toni Morrison’s latest book, and at 84, she’s still got it. Lulu Ann was born “too dark” for her emotionally abusive, light skinned mama. As an adult, she changes her name to Bride and embraces the blue-black skin that had kept her from feeling loved as…

Top Picks This Week:

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