Gifts for Little Travelers

Gift Guide for Little Travelers - all guaranteed to Inspire Wanderlust in your kids

Do you want to inspire a love of travel in your children?

Whether your kids are already avid little travelers, or you want them to be a bit more worldly, all of these gifts are guaranteed to give your little ones a major case of wonderlust.

(And with super quick shipping, they will all be delivered in time for Christmas!)

A few great gift ideas for little travelers

1.  A Year Full of Stories  |  This book is beautiful enough to sit out on any coffee table! In addition to amazing illustrations, A Year Full of Stories includes 52 classic stories from all around the world. These 52 myths, fairy tales and legends are arranged into 12 chapters for each of the 12 months of the year, so that you can learn about different holidays, festivals, and seasonal celebrations around the world.

2.  Our Blue Planet Puzzle  |  We love this round, two sided world puzzle. It features bright colors, wonderful illustrations, and with 208 pieces, it keeps the little ones challenged for quite a while. Plus the box it comes in is pretty enough to leave it out on the shelf.

3.  World Traveler Pretend Play Kit  |  This fun kit includes a passport, luggage tags, tickets, postcards and more, for the imaginary trip of a lifetime!

4.  Country Flag Cards  |  For the trivia buffs, this complete set of country flags is a fun way to learn the names and flags of each of the countries of the world. The best part is that they come with a lifetime guarantee. If you lose a card, the company will replace it free of charge!

5.  The Ultimate Travel Coloring Book  |  Older kids will love coloring 100 of the top travel destinations in the world. And in the back of the book are descriptions of each of the 100 places featured so that they can learn a little more about each location.

6.  Little Passports  |  With a subscription to Little Passports World Edition, your child can explore the world from the comfort of your own home. Each month they will discover a new country, with photos, souvenirs and activities from their pen pals Sam and Sofia. {Shop the Little Passports Last Minute Sale and save up to $25 on a gift subscription and download a printable card just in time for the holidays!}

7.  Around the World Stories  |  Around the World Stories is a collection of 52 original audio stories from 13 different countries in Europe. Each story features the fun adventures of children from one of the 13 countries, bringing to life the culture, food and language of that country. They are designed for children aged 5-12, but even my 3 year old loves listening to them. And I love that this gift is completely digital, meaning no clutter!

8.  Watercolor World Map  |  This beautiful, watercolor world map by Meera Lee Patel would look perfect in just about any room. And seeing it every day will help familiarize your children with the world.

9.  World Holidays Craft Box  |  The World Holidays Craft Box from Green Kid Crafts includes fun crafts from 6 different countries. Projects include making Diwali Candles from India, designing an African Mask, making Japanese Lanterns, creating a Chinese Hand Kite, making Aboriginal Rock Art from Australia, and crafting Guatemalan Worry Dolls. Also included is a little background on the craft, the culture, and the holiday traditions of each country.

10.  Atlas of Adventures  |  This may be called an atlas, but it is so much more that that! It features over 100 awesome, unique adventures to be had around the world. From sleeping under the northern lights in Finland to going on a canoe safari down the Zambezi River, these are adventures that your children will love learning about. (And may even be the inspiration for your next trip.) There is also the Atlas of Animal Adventures for all of the little animal loving kids out there.

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