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Easy Homemade Baby Yogurt

I am one of those people who stands in the grocery store aisles for hours reading labels. Which can be pretty annoying for anyone shopping with me. And it gets cold in the dairy aisle after a while! But do you know how hard it is to find anyyogurt without sugar besides plain? Even the yogurt labeled for babies is loaded with sugar. And plain yogurt isn’t always the tastiest, especially for babies and toddlers.

But if you add a bit of fruit purée to your plain yogurt, it’s delicious!

Easy Homemade Baby Yogurt

To make your own baby yogurt, you will need:

  • organic, plain, whole milk yogurt (or greek yogurt)
  • fruit purées
  • optional sweeteners such as honey (if your baby is over a year old) or agave nectar


  • Start with organic, plain, whole milk yogurt.
  • Swirl in a fresh fruit purée of your choice.
  • Add a tiny bit of honey or agave nectar to taste, if desired. (If you are using a sweet fruit, this won’t be necessary)


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