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After realizing that none of the play kitchens I was considering were exactly what I wanted, I started gathering inspiration from different DIY play kitchens I found around the internet.  (I was blown away by the amazing talent out there!!)  This was before I discovered my beloved Pinterest, which would have made collecting my inspiration so much easier!  After searching and searching, I had dozens of photos of play kitchens that I liked for one reason or another.  None were exactly what I wanted, but I liked parts of each one, and I had enough ideas to plan my perfect play kitchen.  So now Christmas is in less than a month, and I am not done (of course).  But I am so close.  It will definitely be done by Christmas this year!  These are a few of my favorite inspiration photos that I collected:


1.  Ikea Hackers
2.  Finch Found
3.  Hudson Paint
4.  Ikea Hackers
5.  Ohdeedoh
6.  Dwellings by Devore
7.  Ikea Hackers
8.  Vintage Song Bird
9.  Ohdeedoh
10.  Spearmint Baby
11.  Valtierra Photography
12.  Blue Eyed Yonder
13.  Ohdeedoh
14.  The Crafting Chicks

Who else has made, or is attempting to make a play kitchen?

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