DIY Ombre Baby Blanket

DIY Ombre Swaddle Blanket - how to dye a plain white muslin swaddle blanket using RIT dye

Baby #2 will be here soon, and my daughter wanted to make a gift for her new baby sister.

Her favorite color is yellow, and she is very insistent that her gift to the baby has to be a yellow blanket. And she will not budge on the color.

Have you realized how hard it is to find a cute yellow baby blanket?

After searching and searching, I found this yellow swaddle blanket and this yellow stroller blanket that both fit her color requirement. But since it is going to be a gift from her, I want her to make it. Which also counts out any sewing or knitting, obviously.

We finally settled on dying one of her old plain white muslin swaddle blankets with Rit Dye, and I thought that trying ombre might be fun for her. She made the entire DIY ombre baby blanket by herself, and although it didn’t come out exactly like I wanted (she insisted on leaving it in the dye for a very long time, leaving us with a very vibrant yellow) it looks pretty cute.

Read on for instructions to make your own DIY ombre baby blanket.

DIY Ombre Swaddle Blanket Tutorial

How to dye a muslin swaddle blanket

You Will Need:

DIY Ombre Swaddle Blanket Tutorial


  1. Fill a large stainless steel pot with very hot water
  2. Add the powder dye and a cup of salt, and stir.
  3. Wet your fabric. (We were too excited to start and didn’t read the part of the instructions that said to wet the fabric first so we just started with a clean, dry blanket)
  4. Put one end of the blanket into the dye.
  5. Every few minutes, lower it in more and more until there is just a few inches left un-dyed.
  6. Rinse swaddle blanket in warm, then cold water, and run it through a wash by itself with detergent.
  7. Dry the swaddle blanket and it is good to go!

I read somewhere that to achieve a nice ombre without distinct lines you should keep raising and lowering the fabric about an inch or so. Well, I guess that is the beauty of having a 3 and 1/2 year old doing the dying. She couldn’t hold still if she tried, so there weren’t any issues with distinct lines on our DIY ombre baby blanket!

DIY Ombre Swaddle Blanket

This DIY ombre baby blanket is the perfect easy, inexpensive gift for a child to make for their new sibling. Since we used a swaddle blanket we already had, our grand total for this project came to $2.29. Can’t beat that. Plus it was a fun afternoon activity for us to do together to get ready for baby.

She is so excited about giving the swaddle blanket to her baby sister, and has been practicing her swaddling skills non-stop with her dolls. Who knows what it is going to look like by the time the baby gets here!

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