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You know that stack of old t-shirts you are hanging onto, even though you never wear them? Stained, stretched out, or maybe just not your style, you can’t bring yourself to throw them away. It’s time to give them a new life.

My skin does not like the winter. Not that I can blame it, of course. The cold, dry air outside, and the forced heater air inside is enough to make anyone feel a little blah. One particularly rough winter about 6 years ago, I had had enough, and decided to go for a drastic change. I…

If you want to make your own wooden baby rattle, an all-natural, organic wood salve is a must. It protects the wood, is completely safe for babies, and brings out the natural beauty of wood pieces. Plus, it can also be used on wooden utensils, cutting boards, and any other wood objects that need a little love….

I try to surround my kids with high-quality, all-natural toys. Wood always wins out over plastic, and hand-made is best. When they were babies, this was my all-time favorite toy for them. I first saw a wooden, Montessori-inspired rattle like this at a high end baby boutique in Georgetown, but nearly laughed when I looked at the…

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