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Here is what’s On My Bookshelf right now: The Aviator’s Wife  |  Oh, how I love reading about the woman behind the man. And what an amazing woman Anne Morrow Lindbergh was. From the shy college co-ed visiting her father, the US Ambassador to Mexico, to her marriage to the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh, to the heartbreaking loss of […]

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Does anyone else find it a little frightening that jarred baby food could have been on the shelf of the supermarket for longer than your baby has been alive? Or that the jars are filled with muted, dingy colored food. Fresh fruits and vegetables are beautifully colored and vibrant! Baby food should too! So when my first daughter was born, […]

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  • Stephanie - This is so great! I’ve made my own baby food in the past but I love the products you use here, like the trays and Weck jars. I can’t wait to use your method on our baby soon. And I love your photography too.ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Thanks, Stephanie! The Weck jars are great – you will love them!ReplyCancel

  • Feeding Baby | Fruit Purées - […] that you have the basics of making baby food purées down, it is time to get creative! Start combining different tastes. Add herbs and spices. Look for […]ReplyCancel

  • Feeding Baby | Vegetable Purées - […] that you have the basics of making baby food purées down, it is time to get creative! Start combining different tastes. Add herbs and spices. Look for […]ReplyCancel

On My Bookshelf this month: The Accidental Empress  |  The incredible story of Empress Elisabeth “Sisi” of Austria. At the age of 15, she accompanies her older sister, who was betrothed to the young Emporor Franz Josef, to Austria. Though shortly thereafter, she and Franz Josef fall in love and he instead chooses to marry her, making […]

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A few years ago I fell in love with some Calendula salve that I picked up at our local farmer’s market. Once it ran out, I set out to make my own. But as I was researching the benefits of calendula, I came across some other herbs and flowers that I wanted the benefits of as […]

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  • Elissa Lerma - Do you think that balm would be good for eczema?ReplyCancel

  • Irene - Is this balm good for itchy legs the drive you crazy?ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Yes! I am allergic to grass, so my legs are always itchy and I used to scratch them until they would bleed. This soothes the itch and calms down any redness or bumps.ReplyCancel

  • Renee - This sounds fantastic! How much of each herb did you use to make the initial infusion? Also, where can these herbs be purchased, in tea bag form?ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - I purchased my herbs from Rainbow Grocery Coop in San Francisco. Since everything is in bulk bins, you can buy as much or as little as you want, which is nice. For the initial infusion, I used probably about 1/4 cup of each herb except for the calendula, which I used about 1 cup of.ReplyCancel

  • Lyn Hope - Catherine and I are looking forward to having a tutorial on this when we come see you!ReplyCancel

  • Krystal - I love this! Which herbs from the healing balm make that one not safe for use on babies? Thank you :)ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - Hi Krystal, I worry about the comfrey leaf on babies. There is a lot of debate on the topic, and I figure better safe than sorry.ReplyCancel

  • Suzi - I made a LOT of this to give as gifts for Christmas…and life got in the way. How long will the oil last on its own? Do I need to do anything to store it properly?ReplyCancel

    • Kaley - It will last about a year, but the sooner you use it, the better the effects will be. The healing properties diminish a bit over time.ReplyCancel

  • DIY Cleansing Oil & Nourishing Facial Serum - […] 2 parts Miracle Healing Oil […]ReplyCancel