I Love My Daddy Because

I am so in love with my Mommy Book, and I really wanted to do something similarly meaningful for Father’s Day this year. Homemade, thoughtful, showing the age and stage that our daughter is in right now.

One of our all time favorite books is I Love My Daddy Because and it’s matching book, I Love my Mommy Because. These cute books talk about all of the reasons why we love our mommys and daddys, and feature sweet pictures of animal babies with their mommy or daddy. We have the Spanish / Enlgish version of both, which I highly recommend, even if you don’t speak Spanish. You never know – you and your kids can both pick up a little Spanish vocabulary. :) (Plus they are very well translated, which is surprisingly hard to find!)

So we took the basic premise of this book, and made it into a Father’s Day Book for Daddy. We started by discussing all of the reasons why she loves her daddy, and then we chose the top 6 reasons, ending the same way the book ends, “I love my Daddy and my Daddy loves me!”

I chose to do an easy flip book because it displays each of her ideas prominently, and gave her plenty of room to add illustrations. The last page holds her Father’s Day message, which is by far my favorite part.

We added a photo collage (for details, see my post over on Modern Parents Messy Kids) and enclosed it in a colorful Pointed Flap Envelope from Paper Source. A piece of scrapbook paper and some twine wrapped around the envelope was all it needed to look perfect

Although this was very easy to make, it did take us over a week to finish it. We did about a page a day, which was perfect for her, since she likes to take her time and concentrate on her drawings. This also gave us plenty of time to talk about each page, and each drawing, and what it meant to her. I was really amazed with the sentiments and feelings that came out in her drawings, that she had never expressed to me before.

The idea is so simple, and could be duplicated for a million different occasions – birthdays, Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation, etc. If you would like to make you own, I recommend first getting the book – it is a great way to get the conversation started about all the reasons why you love or appreciate someone. Then take your time with the discussion. Depending on the age of your child, they may need a little help, or they might be able to write out their list themselves independently.

Assembling the book is so easy. Take two sheets of white cardstock (or plain white paper) and cut them in half vertically. Stack them so that you have 4 identical sheets of paper that measure 4.25″ x 11″. Stagger the pages about 3/4″ apart, then fold them over and keep the spacing consistent. Staple the top of your book and add a decorative sheet of paper or washi tape to cover the staples. Then write on each of the flaps using the list you came up with previously. Your little artist can then illustrate each of the pages and you are done! A beautiful, handmade, thoughtful gift that any mom, dad, grandparent or teacher would love to receive.

  • Alexis - super cute! i am going to try this for my hubby’s birthday!ReplyCancel

  • Maya - What is that under the “A” in the top photo?!?! :) :) :)ReplyCancel

  • Kerry - Beautiful book!
    To all you teachers out there—we used to have our students make these books for Mother’s/Father’s Day! What parent wouldn’t cherish a gift like this!ReplyCancel

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