Play Dough Favors

Call me crazy, but I am not in love with the idea of 2 year olds being given candy and chocolate every day at school.  Apparently I am in the minority around here.  Little treats are given to the kids every single day at Avery’s preschool.  But that isn’t even the worst part.  About once a month, there is some sort of celebration and each of the kids is asked to bring bags of candies for everyone in the class.  It is like Halloween meets Valentines Day…on a regular basis.  So she comes home with a gigantic bag full of candy, and then I am stumped as to what to do.  A great blog about kid’s eating habits talks about coping with party favor candy, and although I think that she has some valid arguments, I can’t help but hide the candy / throw it in the trash / hope she forgets about it.  Sometimes it works out for me, sometimes it doesn’t.

Either way, I prefer to give the kids something other than candy, that is still fun for them, when they have their celebrations.  Since we were up to our eyeballs in play dough around here recently, it was an easy choice for the end of the year celebration at preschool.  And it was a fun activity for us that lasted all week.

We started by dividing each color into 20 (almost) equal pieces.  Then we rolled each of the pieces into a ball, adding flour so they weren’t sticky.  Believe it or not, this took 3 days since we only got through 2 colors a day.  When all of the colors were in little balls, we sorted them, and put one ball of each color into the bag, and added the tags.

Since most everyone else brings candy, and this play dough smells so delicious, I made sure to put on the tag that it was plasticina (play dough) and not food!

DIY Play Dough

It was a big hit.  But so was the 1 little bag of candy that she was allowed to eat from the huge bag she brought home.  Poor deprived child.  :)


  • Malm - Another fabulous idea and I love the sentiment “…..coloring my world.”
    You are one very cool Mom. And She looks very happy!
    She will mis that school. You have given her wonderful experiences there!
    Love you much!ReplyCancel

  • courtney - Once again…great stuff Kaley! I love the play dough and how you packaged it! I am a mean mom too when it comes to candy and sweets. I am having the same problem with Abbigail’s school they have Bday parties all the time so I had to tell them she can only have the bottom of the cupcakes and to throw it away the second she looks the other direction. I like the fact she thinks a “cookie” is a nilla wafer! By the way, since you will be so close you will have to come down and do a crafting weekend with Abbi and Avery! Can’t wait to see your next creative venture!!!ReplyCancel

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